Meet The Artist

Meet Dick McGuire– Our Artist!
Being the Grandfather of nine brings out the traditional family spirit in Dick McGuire. His desire to handcraft lasting heirloom Wooden Rocking Horses for generations to come gives Dick the drive to provide a lasting quality in his work.

Dick realizes that each newborn baby will be cradled with love from the moment of birth; that parents wish for their baby to be surrounded with a unique environment that captures the calm of a past simpler life. He provides that same environment for the toddler as development begins and “races” towards a future dreamed by the parents.

These are the reasons he has chosen the Victorian period from the 19th century as the inspiration in his handcrafting of “Sweet Baby Cradle” and “Heirloom Horsee”. Dick reaches back to earlier Victorian days and pulls forward a style that was displayed during that period of traditional family structure.

Considering the products he has created, you could conclude that Dick is possibly imagining a “second childhood” for himself. Well, that comes with being a grandparent.