Victorian Ball & Dowel Sweet Baby Cradle: Handcrafted Wooden Rocking Cradle

Victorian Ball & Dowel Sweet Baby Cradle: Handcrafted Wooden Rocking Cradle



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Sweet Baby Cradle reaches it’s final beauty when the sleeping new baby is cradled in the warm Victorian decor of the 19th century. The ball and dowel style on each side of the Victorian handcrafted wooden rocking baby cradle speaks of the precious value of the little one adored. Please click the picture to the left to see a larger picture showing our fine Victorian handcrafted wooden rocking cradle craftsmanship.

Created to pass through family generations, Sweet Baby Cradle is a handcrafted baby furniture cradle or newborn cradle from selected hardwoods. This cradle will be finished in your choice from the popular stains available, then protected in a child safe gloss to highlight it’s quality. The Sweet Baby Cradle is also equipped with a “position pin” or safety lock to keep your cradle in a stationary position when in use.Baby Cradles For Sale / Baby Cradle For Sale

Sweet Baby Cradle is designed to be disassembled for storage, but why not use it to display that cherished quilt that is so warming?victorian-cradle_horse

Finished size is 21″ wide x 29″ high x 35″ long. Spindles are spaced 1-1/8″ apart. Sweet Baby Cradle design meets US safety standards for cradles. Some assembly is required.

A mattress and sheet is furnished with each Victorian wooden baby cradle. The Mattress included with the cradle is 15″ X 30″. Our mattress accommodates standard bassinet sheets.

Each shipment of our Sweet Baby Wood Cradles are encased in 1-1/2″ thick protective insulation and boxed in a new corrugated box meeting UPS shipping requirements. In addition, each part of the Baby Cradles For Sale are individually wrapped to protect it from damage. Each Wood Cradle shipped is insured. If damage is experienced, first notify UPS of the damage and immediately e-mail us of the damage. Include the phone number you can be reached for a detailed conversation. We will immediately assist you at the earliest moment possible. No claim of damage has been made since the Baby Cradle For Sale we offer have been shipped with this care in packaging. Each cradle is shipped un-assembled, however, only 20 minutes is required to assemble using only a Phillips Head type screwdriver. Each cradle has been previously assembled to insure proper fit-up.


Dark Cherry

Antique Pine

Antique Oak

Cherry Oak

Add a set of 4 swivel casters for ease of moving the cradle from room to room. Fits both Standard size and Extended size Sweet Baby Cradles.


A bedding set includes a bumper pad, fitted sheet, pillow with case, and a comforter...see pattern below.


Embroider the baby's first name on the pillow. The pillow can be hung from the end of the cradle when the baby is inside.
PersonalizedPillow_hanging  Pillow-SweetBaby_DSC00539  Pillow-Clay_DSC00482  Pillow-Paige_DSC00540