Victorian Heirloom Horsee: Rocking Horse For Toddlers

Victorian Heirloom Horsee: Rocking Horse For Toddlers


This sturdy steed is designed in Victorian decor.

Handcrafted from selected hardwoods.

Finished in a chosen stain.

Protected with child safe gloss.

Our wooden rocking horse for toddlers makes a great gift any boy or girl between the ages of  1-4 years.

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horselargeRiding the “North Forty” or parading before an impressed audience while on Heirloom Horsee will give the rider a proud feeling. This sturdy Victorian handmade wooden rocking horse steed, designed with the Victorian decor, is handcrafted from selected hardwoods. Our Victorian Wooden Rocking Horse for kids and toddlers is finished in your choice from the popular stains available then protected by a child safe gloss. Click the children’s Rocking Horse For Sale picture on the left to see a larger picture which details our fine quality.


Heirloom Horsee (Kids Rocking Horses) will last through generations to be cherished as a family heirloom. Display a favorite teddy bear on your Victorian Wooden Rocking Horse when the rider is in the bunkhouse.

victorian-cradle_horseFinished size of our Rocking Horses For Sale is 18″ wide x 21″ high x 36″ long and the seat height is perfect to be mounted by the 14 month to 4 year old rider.





Dark Cherry

Antique Pine

Antique Oak

Cherry Oak