Dick McGuireOwner - Childwood Products

We received our Sweet Baby Cradle on Fri. Sept. 21st. Carefully packaged and no damage. We opened the box right away and starter putting it together it is more perfect than the pictures, the craftsmanship and design is just unbelievable. When we got it together and stood back and looked at it, I’m glad we didn’t have false teeth because we would of had to buy new ones after they hit the floor. Speechless !!!!!! for a while. Thank you so much for the beautifully crafted gifts for our first grand child. It will be used again in years to come. We have been looking at the Heirloom Rock-N-Horsee hope to get back in touch with you for the first birthday. Thank you for making this very special and important event in our lives.
Thanks again,

Theda and JoeAnn

Dick, My cradle arrived undamaged (slightly scuffed up box, but your detail to packaging prevented any product damage) , and assembly went smooth (no misalignment). This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, I am both happy to have found you on the net and honorably proud to own such a beautiful piece of furniture. I am sure my daughter and her children will enjoy years of satisfied use.
Thank you again,


Dear Dick, I received the cradle Thursday, June 3rd. Packaged carefully and no damage. Opened the box, and it’s so much more perfect than your pictures, such a masterful piece of work. You do a beautiful job. I put it together myself, which wouldn’t of took quite so long but I had to keep wiping the tears from my eyes. I can hardly wait until the arrival of my grand daughter, and if I’m not holding her, I’m sure she’s going to be quite content in the cradle. I can’t thank you enough for the hard work you do in making your cradles. Definitely a cherished piece to be passed down for generations.
God’s Blessings


Dick, I received the Horsee on Wednesday and WOW. The craftsmanship and design is outstanding. My first grandson was brought into this world on 01/13/11 @ 8:45 p.m.
Thanks again,

Bill Bridges

The cradle has safely arrived and is put together. It is absolutely precious. I just know it will become a treasured heirloom in our family.
Thank you, thank you!


THANK YOU! The horsee is more beautiful than your pictures. We are VERY pleased with your workmanship and the quality…we will be passing your site on to new parents.
Thanks again!


Kristen and her husband put the cradle together yesterday and I had to write to you and tell you, that we are so pleased with it. It is just adorable! You can certainly see the quality in your work and it’s obvious that these cradles are made individually one at a time.
Thank you so much.


I want to thank you for the hard work you put into our cradle. Our little boy will just love it when he arrives. I really appreciate the timely manner in which it came. It is beautiful and everything I was looking for in a cradle. I know I will enjoy passing this down for generations to come.


We received the cradle and horsee and couldn’t be happier with the craftsmanship! The pictures on your website are promising, but they actually don’t do the real things justice. They are the most beautiful items in the nursery (baby hasn’t arrived yet)…
Thanks so much for the great work and for getting everything to us in time.


Dick: I wanted to tell you how absolutely gorgeous the cradle is and what a pleasure it is to use everyday. It’s not often that something so beautiful is also so practical. Big Brother has especially enjoyed rocking Little Brother. The cradle has such wonderful detail and is more beautiful than I imagined!
Thank you very much!


Dick: I just wanted to let you know that we got the cradle and it is absolutely beautiful. It is everything I hoped it would be. Your work is amazing – you are a truly great artisan of wood work. Thank you so much. I will surely pass your name on to other “grandmas” I know.
With thanks,


Dick, WOW, we just received our new cradle and I am so impressed. The details and quality of this piece definitely show the time spent on it. I am some what of a wood worker myself and after the simple assembly of the cradle I can honestly say that it is a work of art. We are about to have our first child and I am so glad to have been able to find such a beautiful piece of furniture. I really appreciate you having it to me in the 2 1/2 weeks that you did so we could have it ready for our new arrival. Thanks again and will talk to you in a year or so to get a rocking horse.

Bryce & Kristin

Dick, Thank you very much for our beautiful cradle, Oliver is enjoying it tremendously. I appreciate you rushing the order for me, we might call about the horse soon. Thank you again, you offer great work.


Hi Dick, I bought a cradle from you almost 2 yrs ago. And I wanted to finally say that it’s perfect! My son slept better in it then anywhere else. I still have it on display in his room. He still loves to look at it and gently rocks it back and forth and he always locks it back up when he is done. I thought I should tell you that I am now due again in Dec. and can’t wait to see the new baby in it. Just looking at the cradle now makes me more and more anxious for the long months to pass quickly. Thank you so much for putting so much tender loving care into each of your cradles. It really shows and is felt in the comfort of their sleep.

Jacklienmom to 3 boys plus

Dick, The cradle is beautiful. It was exactly as advertised. The packaging was incredible. The craftsmanship shows a real love for what you do. Everyone at the shower was amazed. No one has ever seen a cradle so beautiful. The new Mom was speechless. I know it will be a family heirloom for generations to come. Thank you for your gift of time and talent and for sharing it with those of us who really appreciate your art.


I am writing to let you all know that we purchased a Sweet Baby Cradle back in August of 2001. It was a gift for my new daughter from her God-Parents. Alyse (our daughter) is our only little girl and this cradle was meant as a beautiful heirloom for her own children someday. Just this past November, I gave birth to my 4th child, our 3rd boy, Joshua Graham. He too sleeps in your gorgeous cradle to this day. After almost 3 years, the cradle is as beautiful as ever. What a wonderful purchase. I tell all my friends and family about your products. Just perfect!
Thank you for such beautiful, outstanding craftsmanship!!

Melanie and family

Hi Dick, Horsee (Heirloom Horsee) has arrived!! She’s as pretty as her cousin, too. Elizabeth’s birthday party will be at Justin’s house on the 9th, so I’ll try and get a picture of them trotting across the living room. Justin’s a real cowboy now, but I’m not sure Elizabeth will be able to sit on her horsee. We may have to have her mommy propping her up for the photo op. Thanks again Dick, They truly are family treasures. It must be really rewarding to know your creations will be such a big part of so many family memories and traditions. Be talking to you again soon.
Happy trails,


Hi Dick, Just wanted you to know that the horsee arrived safely today. It is just beautiful and I know that Morgan will love it. I am sure that it will become a treasured heirloom. Thanks again for getting it to me in time for Christmas. You work is outstanding!

Barbara Wallace

Dick, I have received my cradle and loving it! It is so darling and excellent quality, Tom and I can’t wait to use it once this lil’ baby arrives. Thank you so much– I was a little apprehensive when ordering online, but your website testimonials really helped assure me. Now actually seeing the cradle I would definitely recommend your work to others! 🙂 Once again, thank you so much it will be such a treasure to hand this cradle down in our family in the future years to come.
Thank you and God Bless,

Tom and Susan

Dear Mr. McGuire, First the baby cradle you made for us is beautiful. It is exactly what we had hoped for. Your craftsmanship is excellent. We cannot praise your work enough. Grace was born May 13 and is perfect. Mother, father and baby are doing very well. Grandparents are overjoyed. Grace is in her cradle much of the time and she just seems to love it. What more could new parents want than a happy healthy baby content in her cradle. A dream come true. Thank you for making the cradle. We so appreciate it.

Nina and John

Hi, Dick — I wanted you to know how much we’ve enjoyed the cradle you made for us. Little Charlotte spent almost every day since she came home in her cradle, and she slept like a lamb in it. It was front-and-center in our sun room, and very much a part of our lives. I’ve attached a couple of photos for you, below. Today is a bittersweet day. She’s growing like a little weed, and I’ve finally had to admit that she’s gotten too big for the cradle, so we are “retiring” it until the time comes to use it for another little one. Anyway, many people have asked me about the cradle, and I’ve passed on your information. If you ever need a reference, feel free to call on us.
Many thanks,

Dawn, Arny, and Charlotte

Dick, We received our cradle on Friday. Neither of us have ever seen an artist with more beautiful work than you. You should take great pride in your accomplishments. This exquisite cradle will always be cherished and displayed proudly in our homes. P.S. We’ll let you know when he arrives! Thank You for making available such a lovely baby cradle. We as first-time grandparents look forward to seeing our new grandson in this unique piece of artistry.
God Bless You Greatly,

Rev. Joe & wife Sue

Dear Dick, My daughter, Jennifer was so pleased with the cradle. It’s absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait for the baby to arrive. Thank you so much for making a heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Dick, It (Heirloom Horsee) has been received and once again our daughter & son in law love it. I am told it matched perfectly (to the previously received Sweet Baby Cradle). Thank you again for the wonderful work of art, we so look forward to having these items for a life time and more.
Happy Holidays!

Mr. & Mrs. St. Amand (Grandparents)

Dear Dick, I received my Sweet Baby Cradle today, just as you said. I ABSOLUTELY love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was definitely worth the little bit of an extra wait. My husband and I put it together in about twenty minutes, and now it is all ready for our little girl. We can’t wait to see her in it! You are truly a master at your own trade and we just wanted to let you know that the cradle far exceeds our expectations. Thank you so much for making this important event in our lives a little more special.

Kelly and Dave

Dick, I received my Heirloom Horsee today. It looks great and seems built to last. I’m very pleased and I know my Godson will love it.
Nice job!


I have placed the order online……Thank you so much for your help and I must say your craftsmanship is beautiful. Our daughter is totally thrilled with the cradle and this rocking horse should be the icing on the cake. I am so glad I found you on the internet.

Virginia & Pat

Dear Richard, It has been such a pleasure working with you on our child’s cradle. Just as you said, we received it yesterday. It is just beautiful. More than we had imagined. My mom and I set it up right away. The pieces fit beautifully. We were skeptical ordering off the internet (what the quality would be), but your work is truly a gift from God. Thank you for being so quick to answer any questions I had and sending the wood samples. I hope it did not interfere with your labor day weekend too much.
Many blessings to you and your family.

Deanna and Scott

Thank you so much for finishing the Heirloom Horsee we ordered so quickly. It was the perfect gift to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday. It is quite beautiful and of such high quality. It’s also the perfect size for Nicole — she loves riding it already. I’m sure she will hand it down to her own child one day.
Best regards,


Dear Mr. McGuire, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I did receive the cradle a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got a chance to put it together last night. It is a masterpiece! I love it. Thank you for the secure packing as well as the courtesy you have extended to me through this whole exchange.
Warm regards,


We received the cradle last Thursday 5/16/02. All was in good shape. Cradle looks great and we have gotten a lot of compliments. Thanks for your extra effort to get it to us by the shower.

David & Kathy

Dear Dick I just wanted to drop you a note about the cradle I ordered. My husband and I have just completely moved into our new home and have had the opportunity to assemble the cradle. How beautiful it is in our master bedroom. I am very pleased with the workmanship. Assembly was simple and quick. I am sure to get much use from this cradle for each of the many children we hope to have in the future.
Thank you. Best Regards,


Dear Dick, “Happy New Year” to you and your family. I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas with you family. I certainly did with mine. My wife and I shared Christmas with our daughter and her family. We drove there with our presents, not the least of which was the wonderful Rocking Horsee you created for us. Christmas morning was a wonderful time, especially since this was our grand daughter’s first Christmas. We opened many presents, but the one I enjoyed most was when we let our Granddaughter have her Horsee. She hasn’t started to walk or crawl yet, but she certainly showed great excitement. We put her on the horsee and she started to ride it like a veteran jockey. Your creation was a perfect gift for her and we wish to thank you for your wonderful work. The brass plaque was perfect and we will always remember the wonderful Christmas you made possible for my wife and I to enjoy with the Granddaughter. Please remember the joy you made possible the next time something doesn’t go well at your shop. Your attention to detail and wonderful craftsmanship are something very rare in today’s market place. You have every right to be extremely proud of your creations.
Again, “Thank You” for your wonderful work!


Dear Dick, I received your beautiful cradle today! I put it together myself in about 1/2 hour. It is truly a work of art. Thank you so much for your fast delivery and excellent craftsmanship.


Dear Dick, “Thank You” for the shipping information, but it was unnecessary. We came home this evening to find the large box at our front door. We have opened the box and the horsee in beautiful and in perfect condition. The brass plaque looks great. Thank You again for it. You have done a wonderful job with Mia’s cradle and now her horsee. I wish I could thank you in person. I hope to do the next best thing by sending you some great photos of Mia with both of your creations. I’m sure that you take great pride and satisfaction in your work, especially when it gives such joy you other people. We can’t wait to see Mia with her trusty steed at Christmas! May God bless you and all those that you care for. We wish you and your family as much joy this Christmas as your creations will bring to ours!

We just received the Heirloom Horsee we ordered for my son’s 1st birthday. It is so beautiful, even more so than in the photos, that I just had to write and tell you immediately. Your work truly is heirloom-quality and I am sure Adam will have many happy times with his Horsee.

We received the cradle and have even put it together already!! It’s beautiful, you did a great job and thank you so much for shipping it here so soon, we greatly appreciate it!! Now we can’t wait to see the baby in it, it will look like a “doll.” We will definitely recommend you to everybody we know that is having a baby, the cradle is just perfect!!
Thanks again,


Dick, We received the Cycle, It is in FINE shape, We Love it!
Thank you ,very nice work!!!


Dear Dick, Our new “Sweet Baby Cradle” arrived this weekend- a gift from my parents. I just wanted to write to thank you for taking such care in both making and packing this beautiful gift. It was perfectly intact and we were thrilled to receive it. We’ve set the cradle up and as I told my parents, it reminds me of an heirloom piece from Old World Germany- something any child would be lucky to sleep in. Your craftsmanship really shows – down to every little detail. Not only is the cradle a beautiful reminder of the impending birth of our baby in April, it’s also a very unique piece of furniture that compliments the room. I think we’ll keep it set up long after the little one is too big to sleep in it. To make it even more beautiful, my aunt made a quilt for the baby, which is lying in the cradle until Mia or Jack gets here. We’re very proud to have such beautifully crafted gifts for our baby and thank you for the effort you put into your work. It truly shows. My parents are already eyeballing the rocking horse for next year- they’ve got grandparents’ fever. Apparently that fever is a wonderful thing though- your love for children is borne out in your woodwork. Keep sharing your gift. Thanks!

Kristine and Danny (and Baby, too)

Dick, I got the cradle today! It’s beautiful, even more so than the picture on your website. Thank you for doing such a good job. I’ve mailed your website address to some of my friends who are saving it in anticipation of an additions to their families.
Again, thank you.


Dick, We received the cradle. It is beautiful, exactly what we had hoped for. Everything shipped perfectly and I just put it together, now we are just waiting for Debra to fill it.
Thank you again,

Debra & Dov

Dick, I received it (Rock-N-Cycle) today. It’s absolutely beautiful. My grandson will love it.


Dear Dick, The Heirloom Horsee arrived 2 days ago, in perfect condition. It is beautiful! Thank you for all your care in packaging and shipment. I was wondering if I could get a smaller version of your beautiful creation to display on some bookshelves. I’m thinking about a foot long, and however high that would work out to be. I’d actually like at least 2 in this size — one each in ash and oak. No plaque on the outside, but your signature or plaque on the underside.
At any rate, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love this beautiful piece!


Dick, Over the years we have received all three of your creations, Heirloom Horsee, Sweet Baby Cradle and the Rock-N-Cycle. Our babies have played many hours on the rocking toys but my favorite is the cradle. We will be passing the cradle down through the family. An idea my Husband had that you might want to use. We had a local trophy shop make us a brass name plate that lists the names of the babies that has and those in the future that will sleep in the cradle. The Heirloom Horsee, and the Rock-N-Cycle have withstood many tests. I have four children, and also have had a home daycare. My daycare consisted of four toddlers other than my own. These children loved to play on both the Horsee, and the Cycle. Never once did either one of these break, and they both were very easy for the children to rock. Every one who sees your work loves it. A neighbor of mine ordered an Heirloom Horsee and she has enjoyed it equally with her children as I have with mine.
Thanks for your quality work,


Dear Dick: I’ve just put the cradle together and I’m thrilled!! It’s absolutely beautiful!! From Mike and myself, and generations to come, I thank you for the quality work.
Take care and well wishes for your future,


Dear Dick: The compliments that I have received for my rocking Horsee have been incredible. No one has ever gone into my doll room for the first time and not asked, “Who did that beautiful rocking horse?” Thank you again for doing such fine work. It is extremely lovely and greatly enhances my guest room. I can’t wait to get my cradle!